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24 Hour Emergency Services & Repair

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We stand on guard waiting for your call. The team at American Roofing & Sheet Metal delivers around-the-clock emergency roof repair for your home or business. Whether you have a small leak or a raging waterfall, call us for prompt, efficient service when you need it most. Now.

We fix leaks, patch holes, and make repairs any time of the day or night. We know roofs don’t wait for normal business hours to cause problems! From metal roofing in St. Petersburg, FL to shingle roofing in Tampa FL and all areas in between, call our Leak Response Technicians who are at your service no matter the roof type! We give you peace of mind knowing our team can be on site quickly when you need us.

Roof Repair Detection and Documentation

You may wonder how we detect leaks. Perhaps another roofer, or you personally, tried to find the source of a leak unsuccessfully? Sometimes you need special equipment and tools, which we have in our arsenal.  We also undergo comprehensive training on all aspects of roofing, not just leak detection.

We thoroughly document all leaks found by drawing maps, analyzing technicians’ reports, studying before and after photos, and making recommendations for future improvements. You get access to this report for both warranted repairs and non-warranted repairs. For future reference, we also keep detailed records of your leak history within our database, which currently extends eight years.

Hurricane Damage & Emergency Roof Repair

emergency roof repair

Roof damage from Hurricane Irma was quickly repaired.

Just call us when you need emergency roof repair, 24/7 in Tampa Bay. Whether you have a roof leak from hurricane damage, an open hole from a tree or hurricane force winds, we can help. We have the equipment and expertise to respond right away.

American Roofing & Sheet Metal is one of the best roofing contractors in Tampa Bay. Call 813-884-1815 for metal roof, flat roof or shingle roof repair.



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