Springtime roof leak prevention tips

We all have more time at home due to the coronavirus, so let’s get productive and make sure our roof is in good condition for the springtime rain and the tropical storms of summer. Here are some roof leak prevention tips.

Remove Debris

Start by checking out your roof for branches, leaves and debris in the gutters and downspouts and around the soffit and fascia. Clear out the gutters and remove mold or mildew as well. This helps prevent roof leaks caused by gutters backing up due to blockages.

Note Roof Damage

Once you’ve cleaned the roof and gutters, check for damage such as missing sand granules on asphalt shingles, cracks in tile or flat roof coatings or rust on metal panels. Look for stains that might indicate leaking under the roof, popped up nails or loose flashing. Note any gaps, damaged seals, wood rot, missing mortar or bricks, cracks and peeling paint. Cracks in flashing around balconies and chimneys can be a sign of leaks you can prevent.

Roofing repairMake Repairs For Roof Leak Prevention

Call American Roofing and Sheet Metal at 813.884.1815 to make necessary roofing repairs to prevent roof leaks prior to the strong tropical storms and possible hurricane force winds of summer. We can reinforce your roof to meet the hurricane guidelines in Tampa Bay. If we find that roof replacement is the only way to protect your home, we offer zero percent financing options.

How long should a flat roof last?

Fflat roof homelat roofs for both homes and commercial buildings last longer than they once did. While flat roofs in the past could only withstand Florida’s sun for 10 years, new technologies have helped stretch durability. A flat roof lasts up to 20 years in some cases.

Instead of traditional tar and gravel flat roofs, we now have many choices. We can choose rubber membranes, rolled tar, and multi layer systems which drastically extend flat roof life. Whether we install torchdown systems or single ply rubber systems, attention to quality workmanship makes all the difference. Our teams are specially trained to maintain the highest levels of quality installation. We evaluate the slope of the roof, plan for superior flashing and coach home and business owners on preventative maintenance of their new roofs.

Colored flat roof

Most commercial building owners opt for plain white flat roofs. They reflect the sun best and are most economical. Flat roofs come in many colors, however. Homeowners can have flat roofs match the color of their home’s walls, shingles or tile roof, or any design factor they want.

As with any major home expense, be sure to choose the right contractor. Ask the right questions to be sure your roofer is competent and has a history of happy clients. Call American Roofing and Sheet Metal at 813.884.1815 for an estimate on the best flat roof for your home or business.

What is the best time of the year to replace your roof?

We all know that President’s Day is a great day to buy new furniture, a new car or even mattresses, right? Advertisements feature our favorite Presidents touting the incredible sales in our blessed country. But, does this belief hold true for the best time of the year to replace your roof?rain forecast tampa

Our team at American Roofing and Sheet Metal works efficiently throughout the year. However, with little rainfall January through May, we can work even more efficiently with no rain delays. In summer, we contend with daily rain storms and potential hurricanes. By fall, we often address storm damage and roof repairs due to leaks. Consider scheduling your roof replacement in April, the driest time of year, to achieve the best price, fastest installation and a wide variety of options in stock.

Call 813.884.1815 today to replace your roof in the next three months. We book up quickly and can schedule your new shingle roof, metal roof or flat roof for our next open week. Our president, Albert Docobo, wishes you a happy Presidents’ Day. Whether you are off today or working like we are, remember how amazing America is and how fortunate we all are to have gainful employment, safe solid homes and our freedom.


Is it smart to have your roof cleaned?

In Tampa Bay, our spring rains are coming, and consistent moisture often creates a moldy, stained look on roofs. But, is it smart to have your roof cleaned if you have stains or algae on your roof  cement tile or shingles? The pros and cons of cleaning your roof depends on the age and condition of the roof as well as the qualification of the roof cleaner.

It is smart to keep a roof free of debris and mold. However, on a shingle roof already more than 10 years old, a high pressure cleaning can loosen granules, lift shingles and possibly damage the underlayment which provides water protection. Damage to the waterproof barrier is also a risk when cleaning tile roofs, too.

Roof Cleaning

Mildew and fungus can increase shingle deterioration and wood rot, but cleaning a roof yourself could possibly void your warranty. Check with a professional roof cleaner for the best method of cleaning while maintaining the integrity of the roof.

If you are not sure of the age of your roof, and it has algae staining and losing granules, it could also be a sign that you need roof repair or replacement. Warm, humid weather makes algae staining more likely, especially on the north side of a house, but it could also be a sign of old shingles which do not include a stain-resistant additive.

Clean or Replace?

It is always better to replace an aging roof before it actually begins to leak. It is less expensive because there will be less damaged wood to replace. Plus, there will have been no damage to your attic or interior which must be disclosed when you sell your home.

Call us at 813.884.1815 to determine the age and condition of your house and whether or not it’s time for you to consider a roof replacement.


Your roof condition impacts house sale value

Roof condition affects house value

You are ready to sell your house, but is your roof ready? The condition of your roof directly affects  the value of your home and the ease of the sale. Here’s why roof condition impacts house sale value:

  1. Buyers will determine the amount they will offer based on the age of the roof. Air conditioning system and the condition of the kitchen and master bath also affect offer price. These are the most important elements of a home’s value to buyers so that they can determine what might be needed to replace in the future.
  2. Home inspections focus on the age and condition of the roof. While most shingle roofs are expected to last 20 years, in the Florida sun and heat, it is usually closer to 15 years. Home inspectors will assess roof condition and try to estimate the number of years left on the roof.
  3. Buyers’ insurance companies require a 4-Point Inspection to determine the estimated life remaining on a roof. The inspection covers HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), Electrical wiring and plumbing connections and fixtures, too. As long as a roof has five to seven years’ life remaining, the house will normally pass the 4-Point Inspection.
  4. Appraisers look at the age and condition of the roof to compare it to other properties sold. They will discount a house’s value if the roof is 13 years or older if it’s shingle. Tile and metal roofing have a longer life expectancy, so their value is not discounted unless the roof is over 25 years. The age and roof condition impacts house sale value accordingly.

Maximize Home Value

American Roofing and Sheet Metal wants you to maximize the proceeds you net when you sell your home. Call 813.884.1815 to identify problems before buyers and inspectors do. We can help with repair or replacement so that you will get the top price in 2020.

Is my commercial roofer the right roofer for my house?

commercial flat roofWe get asked this question a lot. The answer “yes” or “no” depending on your commercial roofer. At American Roofing and Sheet Metal, we provide both commercial and residential roofing solutions. However, we have specially trained teams who understand the intricacies of each product.

Business clients look to us for their industrial and commercial roofing needs because of our reputation for high quality workmanship and product durability. Further, we come in on-time and on-budget which is crucial to successful businesses. We service mid-rise buildings, shopping centers, multi-family communities and commercial buildings like schools, churches and industrial facilities.

Homeowners also want expert workmanship and have budget constraints, but they also want a variety of styles. We offer shingle, metal and flat roofs for residential homes. Our variety of shingle shapes and colors is second to none. Plus, we have several types of metal roofing depending on your location and style. Close to saltwater? Inland? We can give you the best roof for your area. For flat roofs, we have so many colors to choose from, too.

variety of shingle shapesUnless your commercial roofer can “wow” you with residential options and show you that its roofing team is specially trained in residential roofs, do not take a chance with your home. Ask for photos of houses they have completed. Make sure your roofer understands the architectural guidelines for your neighborhood. Or just call 813.884.1815 to get an award-winning roofer in commercial and residential categories.