Tips to determine if you should replace a shingle roof with a metal roof.

high slope roof replacementWe are often asked by homeowners and property managers whether or not they should replace a shingle roof with metal. Or replace metal roofs with shingles. While shingle roofs typically last 20 years in the Tampa Bay Area, metal roofing systems can last 40 years easily. Shingles come in a wider variety of colors than metal roofing. Both shingle and metal roofs are available in different shapes to match the style of your home or property.

Our sales managers can help you look at the styles, budget and durability that you require. Metal roofing materials today area feature salt water resistance, ideal for waterfront communities. Metal roofs are even available in shapes which resemble barrel tiles. Shingle roofs offer economical alternatives for homeowners who may be planning to sell their house in the near future.

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