Don’t Gamble–Go Golden! GAF Golden Pledge Warranty

A roofing job is more than the sum of its parts: contractor, materials, crew, and warranty. The success of each aspect depends on the quality of the others. Together they provide assurance that your new roof on your Tampa-area home will look great and last many years.

It is the warranty, though, that offers you peace of mind ten or fifteen years later. A GAF Golden Pledge warranty, available only through GAF Master Elite Contractors, is one of the industry’s strongest.

Smart Money

Consider all the roofing parts covered by the GAF Golden Pledge warranty:


      • Shingles
      • Ridge cap shingles
      • Starter strip shingles
      • Ultimate pipe flashing with EasySleeve
      • Leak barrier
      • Roof deck protection
      • Cobra® attic ventilation


Roll the Dice?

Your new roof is a major investment and capital improvement. You cannot take a chance that something will go wrong and you will have no remedy. GAF products are manufactured to such high standards, the chance of a manufacturing defect is very small. Do you really want to roll the dice by not getting the best warranty you can? You leave yourself vulnerable in case something does go wrong—getting it fixed could be almost as expensive as the original installation!

What are the Odds?

For every three roofing problems, two are caused by installer errors. By using a GAF Master Elite contractor, you get the Golden Pledge Warranty, which covers both manufacturing defects and the installer’s work. A GAF Master Elite contractor earns the honor by receiving GAF training, so GAF is confident the work will be done right. A GAF factory-trained inspector will inspect the finished work, too.

New Player

Unfortunately the roofing industry sees high turnover, but GAF will back the work of its Master Elite contractors even if they go out of business. For how long? For 25 years! That is true peace of mind.

For manufacturing defects, many of GAF’s shingle products carry a 50-year, non-prorated warranty. Other series in their product line have 20-, 25- and or 30-year warranties.

Cover the Spread

You may wonder what sort of bad luck is covered by the Golden Pledge Warranty. The list is long:

      • Failure to seal—15 years
      • Algae discoloration—10 years
      • Misapplication—25 years
      • Blow-offs—15 years
      • Wind damage—15 years; for Lifetime series shingles, at speeds up to 110 mph!

To learn more about the GAF Golden Pledge warranty or other options you have when deciding on your new shingle roof check out the American Roofing & Sheet Metal Roofing Decider.