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Commercial Roofing

Commercial Maintenance Programs Protect Your Roofing Investment

American Roofing & Sheet Metal offers planned maintenance programs for commercial roofing in St. Petersburg FL and beyond. Routine maintenance is crucial to maintain the integrity of your business’ roof and underlying structure. You can place your trust in us to protect one of your most valuable assets, as we are committed to helping you maintain your roofing system.

That’s why we offer a range of roofing services plans to our customers ranging from commercial roofing in St. Petersburg FL to Brandon. These plans are designed not only to save you money but they are tailored to meet your specific needs. We also put you on a more aggressive inspection schedule. Your business is one that needs protection. If your roof is sub-par, you’re putting yourself, your customers and your assets at risk. Here at American Roofing & Sheet Metal, we believe it’s best to invest money in small increments to ensure the integrity of your roof throughout the year rather than wait for a big problem, losing lots of cash not just for a roof repair but also for lost income when you have to shut down while your roofer in Clearwater FL fixes the issue.

Value of Roof Preventative Maintenance

Here are some reasons why it’s wise to invest in routine maintenance for your business’ roof:

  • Prevent 90 percent of leaks that can pose a big financial risk
  • Help your roof last it’s expected lifespan or beyond
  • Help meet the annual or semi-annual warranty requirements for roof service and maintenance
  • Give your roofing company in Tampa FL continual rooftop service and expertise
  • Repair and fix before complete failure
  • Reduce the likelihood of shut-down and income lossfrom a roofing failure

Our Medallion Service Packages

American Roofing & Sheet Metal offers a variety of Maintenance options with three levels:

All- American Package

  • Includes one 10 point inspection per year
  • Discounted rates on recommended repairs

Stars and Stripes Package

  • Includes one 15 Point inspection per year
  • Gutter Cleanout and Minor Debris Removal
  • Pressure Washing TPO Roofs
  • Discounted rates all year round

Eagle Package

  • Includes two 15 Point inspections per year
  • Gutter Cleanout and Minor debris removal
  • Pressure Washing TPO Roofs
  • Minor Repairs on site
  • Premium price rates and benefits

All Packages include detailed reports, leak mapping, images from the inspection, and recommended repairs

Choose American Roofing & Sheet Metal as your trusted roofer in Clearwater FL and all neighboring areas that not only provides superior roof repair but commercial roof maintenance as well. Call us for a quote today!

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