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Flat Roof Replacement

Flat Roof Replacement

If the roof on your home or business has reached its age limit or has taken on damage due to storms or debris, a flat roof replacement is probably necessary. Your commercial roof protects your business from the elements. So, it is important to have a damaged roof replaced immediately to ensure additional interior damage does not occur. Flat roof replacement requires a contractor with the proper skills and experience. American Roofing & Sheet Metal is your commercial roof specialist.

Flat Roof Replacement Services in Tampa and the Surrounding Areas


Pinellas County Transit Authority Sub Station


First Baptist Church of Tampa


Verizon Switch Station Tampa

Kelly County Recreation Center – City of Lakeland

Kelly County Recreation Center – City of Lakeland







American Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc. believes in providing our customers with the best service. All of our Tampa roof contractors are experienced in working with flat roof replacement; this is important, as working on a flat roof is very different from working on a pitched roof. Our flat roof replacement process ensures that once our work is finished, you have a roof that will last for years to come.

Flat Roof Replacement Process

We start by removing the existing roof and repairing any damage that has occurred to the structure. Then, we fasten new underlayment, if needed, giving your roof the best foundation. Next, we lay down a barrier to protect the property from water and wind damage before installing the flat roof. These are just the basics of what goes into replacing a flat roof. Contact us at any time with questions about roof replacement.

We ensure that all of our roof replacement contractors are trained in the newest techniques and have experience with Flat Roofing. As a privately owned roofing company, we measure our success based on our customer satisfaction. 

Trustworthy Certified Roofers

We understand that work on your business or property can cause issues when it comes to safety and the overall aesthetics surrounding the structure. Our team of professional contractors ensures that we keep the area around the property both neat and safe while we work on your roof. At the completion of your project, we remove all debris and use a magnet to pick up any small metal pieces that may be left laying around.

If you are considering commercial roof replacement, contact us today at American Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc. and let us show you how quality materials and workmanship can make a difference when it comes to your business.

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