6 Signs That Your Roof Needs Touching Up

Let’s face it: not everyone has the time or skill set to regularly inspect their roofs. This is something of a dilemma since regular inspections can help prevent costly roof repair. If regular inspections are simply not possible, you should instead keep an eye out for a few signs.

damaged roof

Let American Roofing & Sheet Metal, your local experts for roof repair in St. Petersburg, FL, give you six such signs to look for:

1. Water Spots

Water spots on the ceiling or walls mean there’s a leak, typically caused by sharp debris, animals, and increased foot traffic on the roof (such as during installation of a new skylight or gutter system). The source can be difficult to locate as water does not necessarily drip straight down, but it should be addressed as soon as possible by experts in residential and commercial roofing in St. Petersburg, FL. The longer you wait, the bigger the chances for mold growth, which may cause a variety of health effects, from nasal stuffiness to severe allergic reactions.

2. Damaged, Missing or Discolored Shingles

A simple visual inspection (best done with binoculars from the ground instead of climbing your roof) should reveal problems with your shingles, whether it’s cracked, bowed, loose, or missing. Keep an eye out for shingles with raised corners, as these could get pulled off by strong winds. Discolored spots could mean the presence of fungus, moss or other vegetation.

3. Granules in the Gutters

A few loose asphalt granules are not necessarily a cause for concern. But if you notice a lot of granules collecting in your gutters or getting washed out in the downspouts, it means your shingles are deteriorating and may be nearing the end of their lifespan.

4. Bowing, Sagging, Buckling or Loose Seams

If you have a metal roof and notice signs of bowing, sagging or buckling, you need to have it fixed soon: water could pool in spots and initiate rusting. Pooled water can also seep into the paint and cause blisters. Screws can come loose over time (or during extreme temperature changes) and loosen the seams.

These issues may not be readily visible upon close inspection and you will need to look “wide” to see it. This is where your binoculars will again come in handy.

5. Visible Paint Wear

If you notice your paint is blistering or peeling, there may be trapped moisture in the house due to high humidity or excessive internal temperatures. While poor attic ventilation is typically seen as the cause, water seeping into the paint job is a close second.

6. Normal Aging

And finally: if your house is decades old and you’ve never had your residential roofing in Tampa, FL, checked even once, a full preventive maintenance checkup is recommended. The signs may not be obvious, but regular maintenance is a lot cheaper than a full-on roof replacement.

Keep in mind that before contacting your roofing contractor for repairs, you should first check if the materials are still under warranty. Better yet, sign up for one of our preventive maintenance programs and let us take care of the rest. American Roofing & Sheet Metal is the name to trust for quality roof repair and related services.

Give us a call at (813) 217-5650 to get started. We look forward to hearing from you.

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