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Will metal roofing rust if I live on the water?

by Albert Docobo on Oct 31, 2019 in ,

Everyone loves the look of metal roofing, but is it practical in Tampa Bay with so much saltwater around us? 

American Roofing and Sheet Metal has chosen roofing products which do not rust during the lifetime of the roof. Storms and salt water create new challenges.

If you live within one mile of the water, we suggest an aluminum roof. While we use galvanized steel on homes away from the water, for the longest life for your roof near the water, we install a special aluminum roofing product. It is designed to prevent rust, even in the tropical saltwater conditions found around Tampa Bay.

Metal reflects radiant heat from the sun, minimizing midday heat gain. This means you save energy needed for air conditioning during the day. Though the material itself is low in insulation R-value, many systems utilize a dead-air space between the metal and roof deck to increase energy efficiency.

Please call us for more details 813.884.1815 and life expectancy. It is amazing! We are five time Presidents’ Club Award Winners from GAF, ranking us in the top 2% of roofers in America.


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