Moisture Management (Part 2): Factors that Affect It

In the first installment of our two-part blog, we expounded on the causes of moisture intrusion in your commercial property. These include rainwater leaks, internally generated moisture, and moist-laden air—all of which contribute to structural and health-related issues in your building.

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While most instances of excessive moisture in the building can be attributed to specific design decisions, there are other elements that determine the extent of these moisture issues. In the second part of our blog series, your expert for roof repair in St. Petersburg, FL, American Roofing & Sheet Metal, discusses moisture management further by elaborating on the factors that affect it.

1. Vapor Diffusion — This is more common in areas with colder climes, where trace amounts of indoor moisture can condense within cold wall and ceiling cavities.

2. Exterior Wall Finishes — The type of exterior finishes used in construction can also affect moisture management in your building. It’s ideal to choose ones that can limit the moisture and vapor migration into and out of the wall system.

3. Air and Water Leakages — There’s no actual way to completely seal off a commercial building—there will always be a certain degree of leakages, both water and air-related, from openings in its construction. When left unmanaged, these openings can carry a significant amount of moisture in and out of the building. Your existing roof, for instance, might already be old and failing, allowing water penetration that contributes to excessive indoor moisture. To prevent this, why not try to invest in new commercial roofing in St. Petersburg, FL? American Roofing & Sheet metal offers a range of sleek and durable options, from modified bitumen, metal, and TPO single-ply to built-up and single-ply EPDM.

4. Architectural Considerations — Since commercial buildings come in different sizes and styles, considerations are made to ensure that the components fit their décor and architectural style. These include the choice of roofing system, which should suit the area’s weather patterns and environment. In hot and humid Florida, for example, buildings will benefit more from metal roofing. American Roofing & Sheet Metal offers this excellent option. Metal roofing eliminates the potential for pooling water as it can easily shed off rain, and its reflective properties can reduce the amount of radiant heat entering your spaces. This means less reliance on your building’s cooling system, resulting in thermally comfortable interiors without the high energy costs.

Your roof contributes greatly to your building’s moisture management. You can effectively keep your commercial building healthy and damage-free by investing in quality roof repair, maintenance, and replacement from American Roofing & Sheet Metal. As your premier contractor for both commercial and residential roofing in Tampa, FL, we’ll help you maximize the comfort, healthy, and efficiency of your building.

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