Protect your roof during hurricane season.


hurricane damage to shinglesOur “cone of uncertainty” extends not only for the next few days, but for the next four months in Tampa Bay. It’s important to protect your roof during hurricane season. Trim trees away from your roof, and clean out gutters so the water does not back up under shingles or tiles. Hurricane season officially lasts until November 30.

Assess Roof Condition During Hurricane Season

If you have doubts as to whether or not your roof will withstand another tropical storm, call us. You can avoid damage to the inside of your home if you replace bad sections of your roof or replace the roof before our rainiest days of the year arrive. If your shingles are shiny, metal roofing is rusting or your roof looks wavy, we can help protect your most valued belongings.

Maintain Your Roof During Hurricane Season

We have maintenance programs which give you peace of mind. We will inspect your roof annually, make suggestions, and find problem spots before they cause damage. Small roof issues are easier to repair than when they are allowed to grow into major leaks not detected for weeks or months.

Trust Us As Your Roofing Partner

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We earn awards for our level of customer service year after year. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction with each and ever job. We are a master elite contractor. What does that mean to you? It means American Roofing and Sheet Metal is among the top 2% of roofers in the country, and we’re right here in Tampa Bay. Our trucks go from Pinellas to Hillsborough County each day. Let us help you protect your roof during hurricane season. We install and repair metal roofs, shingle roofs and flat roofs. Call 813.884.1815 to have us assess your roof for leaks, preventative maintenance programs or a new roof replacement.






What is the best time of the year to replace your roof?

rotted wood replacementWe all know that President’s Day is a great day to buy new furniture, a new car or even mattresses, right? Advertisements feature our favorite Presidents touting the incredible sales in our blessed country. But, does this belief hold true for the best time of the year to replace your roof?

Our team at American Roofing and Sheet Metal works efficiently throughout the year. However, with little rainfall January through May, we can work even more efficiently with no rain delays. In summer, we contend with daily rain storms and potential hurricanes. By fall, we often address storm damage and roof repairs due to leaks. Consider scheduling your roof replacement in April, the driest time of year, to achieve the best price, fastest installation and a wide variety of options in stock.

Call 813.884.1815 today to replace your roof in the next three months. We book up quickly and can schedule your new shingle roof, metal roof or flat roof for our next open week. Our president, Albert Docobo, wishes you a happy Presidents’ Day. Whether you are off today or working like we are, remember how amazing America is and how fortunate we all are to have gainful employment, safe solid homes and our freedom.


Is it smart to have your roof cleaned?

Tampa shingle roofIn Tampa Bay, our spring rains are coming, and consistent moisture often creates a moldy, stained look on roofs. But, is it smart to have your roof cleaned if you have stains or algae on your roof  cement tile or shingles? The pros and cons of cleaning your roof depends on the age and condition of the roof as well as the qualification of the roof cleaner.

It is smart to keep a roof free of debris and mold. However, on a shingle roof already more than 10 years old, a high pressure cleaning can loosen granules, lift shingles and possibly damage the underlayment which provides water protection. Damage to the waterproof barrier is also a risk when cleaning tile roofs, too.

Roof Cleaning

Mildew and fungus can increase shingle deterioration and wood rot, but cleaning a roof yourself could possibly void your warranty. Check with a professional roof cleaner for the best method of cleaning while maintaining the integrity of the roof.

If you are not sure of the age of your roof, and it has algae staining and losing granules, it could also be a sign that you need roof repair or replacement. Warm, humid weather makes algae staining more likely, especially on the north side of a house, but it could also be a sign of old shingles which do not include a stain-resistant additive.

Clean or Replace?

It is always better to replace an aging roof before it actually begins to leak. It is less expensive because there will be less damaged wood to replace. Plus, there will have been no damage to your attic or interior which must be disclosed when you sell your home.

Call us at 813.884.1815 to determine the age and condition of your house and whether or not it’s time for you to consider a roof replacement.


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