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Why to ‘Go Green’ With Your Roof

by Albert Docobo on Nov 07, 2012 in ,

American Roofing & Sheet Metal provides the best solar roof solution to our Tampa roofing customers. Solar roofing is a durable and reliable source to power your home.

How Solar Works

  1. The sun’s light produces energy that is to be collected by installed solar panels.
  2. The energy collected is channeled to the inverter.
  3. The inverter changes the DC electricity to AC electricity for household use.
  4. AC electricity not used by the house is fed into the grid.
  5. Performance is monitored over the Internet.

There are many advantages to powering your home with solar energy. In our Tampa, Florida, area, we have ample opportunity to capitalize on the sun’s rays. Due to recent energy tax credits and financing options, the state of Florida is offering affordable solutions to make your home more efficient.

American Roofing & Sheet Metal is experienced at installing solar systems on all types of roofs. A Solar Roof System will lower your energy costs and quickly pay for itself.

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