3 Ways to Tell You Need a New Roof

Care for your roofing is about both aesthetics and functionality. Your roof is one of the most prominent features in your home and it protects you against the elements. It’s a major investment any way you cut it, so it always pays to know when you can rely on repairs and when new roofing is the order of the day. American Roofing & Sheet Metal looks at the 3 things to indicate that you need to spend for a replacement.


1. Be aware of the age
Everything in the world has a lifespan. Whether it’s residential or commercial roofing in St. Petersburg, FL, your roof will age. Now it isn’t a hard, fast rule but once your roof starts to go beyond the 20 year mark, it should at least prompt you to call on American Roofing & Sheet Metal for a thorough inspection. Even if there’s no damage or wearing that’s visible, it pays to play things safe. After all, some damage can be hidden under your roof and could be affecting the support structures underneath.

2. Missing materials and granulation
Another sign to look for is missing roofing materials. This is especially true for roofing installed in smaller, singular pieces—like shingles and tiles. Missing bits and pieces are always a cause for roof repair in St. Petersburg, FL. In larger quantities, however, it’s a call to action to have things checked and refreshed. This is especially important where aesthetics are concerned as no one likes their roofing looking worn or mismatched.

3. Excessive leaks
When water is able to enter your home to damage many different parts, rooms, and areas, it’s a clear sign of serious trouble up there. Even when it’s not a clearly visible breach of your roofing material, there’s still a very high chance that the underlying support might be damaged from the water infiltration so it’s always best to cover all bases.

When it comes to protecting your home, you should never take risks. If any of the things mentioned above apply to you, call American Roofing & Sheet Metal today at (813) 806-0096 and we’ll help ensure that your roofing is in the best shape.

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