Debunking 3 Solar Energy Myths

Common misconceptions abound in solar roofing. If you’re planning to invest in this option, don’t be discouraged about the things you might hear. The truth is that solar roofing offers a variety of features and benefits that can help you improve your home’s comfort levels and energy efficiency.


To help you understand better, your reliable roofing contractor in Tampa, FL, American Roofing & Sheet Metal, reveals the truth about three of the most popular solar energy myths.

1. Going solar is too expensive. Most homeowners assume that going solar is limited only to green activists and the wealthy. However, modern financing options have now made it possible for homeowners to invest in this option with little to almost no money. Solar roofing draws energy from sunlight, an abundant and renewable source that doesn’t rely on market instability. When you choose to switch to solar energy, you can benefit from solid federal tax incentives throughout the year. With these credits and the amount you save on monthly energy bills, going solar is a win-win situation.

2. Going solar makes the home unattractive. Gone are the days when solar panels protruded from your roof like a sore thumb. Most solar energy systems today feature sleeker designs that won’t detract from your home’s existing décor. Solar cells, for instance, can match slate, asphalt, and metal roofing effectively while solar shingles look virtually seamless when viewed on your roof.

3. Going solar requires extensive maintenance. Solar systems have no movable parts to break. All you need to do to keep it looking good and well-functioning is an occasional hosing with water. You shouldn’t worry about them taking on harsh weather either—these systems are impervious to heavy snow, rainfall, and high winds.

When you’ve decided to switch to solar energy, call your trusted roofing company in Tampa, FL, American Roofing & Sheet Metal. As a GAF Master Elite® roofer, we’ll ensure long-term value and healthy return on investment when you enlist us for quality installation of your solar roofing.

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